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150 Links for Your Christian Life aims to help you and your church in your Christian life.

Here below are some examples :
1) You have accepted Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord. But do you know how to share Jesus with your friends ?
     See 6 verses to share Jesus 
2) Your are looking for a church.
     See Churches
3) Some visitors come to your church but they speak a foreign language you don’t understand and they have some difficulties with their English.
     See Billy Graham’s sermons translated into 17 languages (don’t forget the coffee…)
4) you want to study theology
     See Distance learning & Formations
5) Your university ask you to prepare homeworks and a paper
     See students
6) You have to preach on sunday. Don’t worry
     See Sermoncentral.com
7) You have to solve everyday problem inyour church
     See problems of everyday life.
8) You or someone you is depressed
     See Depressions

This ebook provides you with around 150 links and new links are added every week on 1resurrecttion.com.  Please share this information with pastors, missionaries, friends and other people you know. They will be grateful to you for your help.


May God bless you,your family and your church.

Philippe Billard [1resurrection.com]
PS : Visit the store : store of 1resurrection.com and Enjoy.


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